Turn to the moon, and she will be your true guide


At first glance, Menelwen (Mehn-ell-wehn meaning Heavenly) appears to be a young, attractive female human. Only when she removes her hooded cloak her true nature is revealed: She is in fact an average looking elf with long deep blue hair, which to the naked eye looks almost black. She has bright blue eyes and her alabaster skin is pale with slight traces of blue. All of these are clear signs of her being a Moon Elf from the northwestern parts of Faerûn but exactly where Menelwen hails from, no one knows.

Menelwen seldom removes her hooded cloak but when she does, a beautiful yet crude tattoo of the symbol of Selûne can be seen on the back of her neck, revealing her allegiance to The Moonmaiden.

Menelwen is a Rogue destined to become an Assassin. Even though she carries both sword and rapier, stealth and agility are her primary weapons when hiding in the shadows pouncing on the enemies of Selûne.



“I am Menelwen and as a young girl, my parents sent me off to the nearest temple so that I could devote my life to Our Lady of Silver. There, I have worked tireless in her name ever since. That is… Until that cursed day when the cowardly followers of Shar burned down our temple, killing my sisters in the process. That day, I swore an oath to destroy all followers of Shar, no matter the cost.

One day, some three years ago, I almost paid the ultimate price when hunting down a party of evil-do’ers. I was ambushed by the heathen and held captive for several days. Luckily they had a weakness for strong, dwarven ale and one night I was able to escape while they were lying dead-drunk on the floor of their hideout. After wandering the forest alone for a few days, The Moonmaiden guided a human druid to me and with his aid I slowly regain my strength.

Since then, the druid, Elkul, and I have spent every single day trying to rid the world of all evil. There is no doubt that we have our hands full as evil is rising all over Faerûn but we both believe that Good will prevail!

As of lately, a half-elf sorceror has joined our quest. He is young and foolish; thinking that words can be more powerful than swords. I am not convinced that he ever will be completely able to control the powers that lie within him, but for the time being it will do.”

Let all on whom Selûne’s light falls be welcome if they desire. As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life. Trust in Selûne’s radiance, and know that all love alive under her light shall know her blessing. Turn to the moon, and she will be your true guide. Promote acceptance and tolerance. See all other beings as equals. Aid fellow Selûnites as if they were your dearest friends.


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