Banisher of evil


I do not know my origins, I’ve been told by my now deceased mentor that he found me wandering the woods when I was around 4 years old. My mentor Fruril took me in and taught me the ways of the druids. He taught me how to survice in the wild and more importantly about the balance of everything. I firmly believe that the balance of life has to be preserved and anyone who threatens this balance is a threat to this world.

The year of my 21’th birthday Fruril died a peaceful death. He was old and had lived a good and long life, so it was his time. After his death I devoted most of my life to meditation and self-understanding. During this time I felt how the balance of nature was slowing shifting, something threatens this world.

6 years later I stumbled upon a gravely wounded warrior, a female elf (Menelwen), she where dying. I nurtured her back to life and let her rest in my hut for a week or so. During this time she told me about her battles against evil corruption. Her tales and her courage inspired me to go on and defend the balance of life. I told her about my discoveries and the balance of life. We decide to follow each other and fight the evil of the land. The last 3 years we have moved between Cormyr, Sembia and Dalelands where we have fought evil or unnatural things.

During our travels a young sorceror(Immeral Galanodel) has joined our ranks, he is a bit wild and doesn’t know his place in nature yet, but I feel that he brings a balance to our little group.


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