The Legends of the Heartlands.

1479DR. King Foril, “the old Dragon”, still rules the country of Cormyr with a steady hand. His sons, Irvel and Erzoured, stand diligently at his side and the throne of Cormyr seems secure in the chaos of the greater world. Cormyr remains a beacon of light, home to good folk and protected by loyal knights and powerful war mages. Beyond the borders of this, the land of the Purple Dragon, lies dangers which strike fear in the bravest warrior.

The Spellplague has ravaged the Heartlands, and indeed the rest of Faerûn. The Death of Mystra, the goddess of magic, the disappearance of Tyr and the rise of Azmodeus, has made the world a darker place. Without the guidance of the gentle goddess and the stern Lord of Justice, chaos and malice runs rampant.

The Lands of Sembia, once home to proud and free tradesmen, is under the yoke of the mysterious and powerful Shadovar. They rule from their floating cities, their power emanating from what was once the Anauroch Desert, now turned into the realms of yore: Netheril. The Shadovar are powerful beyond belief and bent on the subjugation of all of the Heartlands. Only the vigilance of Cormyr’s finest defenders, coupled with the ominous and dangerous terrain that is The Vast Swamp, has kept the armies of Cormyr and Sembia from meeting in battle. But the rumors in Taverns and Inns are that magical spies and assassins from the dark Shadovar Realm are haunting Cormyr and that war is inevitable.

Cormyr lives on trade and produce, especially trade with the Free Dales of the North and with the Kingdoms of the Inner Sea. But this has become a dangerous and precarious deal. The Inner Sea is filled with Pirate Warships under the control of King Kennit, Lord of Free Men. His ships have destroyed dozens of trading vessels and captured twice as many, and while the Cormyrean, The Procampian and the Turmic Fleet hunt this brash pirate, he yet eludes them all.

Meanwhile in the once peaceful dales, there’s discord and even more danger. The pressure from the powerful city-states of Moonsea is once again building and the strain is hard on the innocuous dalefolk. Within the dales there are sightings of undead, drow and even the occasional demon. Myth Drannor remains a ruin and a haunt despite the reemergence of the Elven Court. The elves and the dalefolk have a strained relationship, often tested by the many adventurers and sellswords who brave the ruins of the archaic Mythal City.

Beyond the borders of Cormyr are the orc, dragon and goblin infected Storm Horns and the Farsea Swamp, home to roving bands of Ghouls. The Desertmouth Mountains hold the dark secrets of ancient magi and the Dragonspear Mountains are once again rumbling with the rumors of the rebirth of the might of Zhentarim. Dangers are truly abound and the need for strong and heroic men and women has never been greater. Cormyr cries for deliverance and its people yearn for the restful peace of yesteryear.

All The King's Men

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