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Welcome to the endless Wonders of the Realms

The Heartlands. Here the Elves of Cormanthor built their mighty Empire. Knights in Purple fought dragons and goblins for the rights to rule the land, and mysterious wizards braved the wilderness searching for the legends of old. Hundreds of ruins, miles of caverns and dozens of cities dot the countryside, all waiting for you to find and explore them.

Will you find fame and fortune in these lands and rise amongst the brave and powerful few, or will you fall like the countless others who have come before you?

Tell your story here, by creating your very own wiki, or look to the quest log below to see how far you’ve journeyed. The tales of the Realms are ever expanding and never ending. Visit: The Forgotten Realms Wiki for even more information

The Quest Log:
The quests and wonders you’ve found, or will find, in the wondrous Heartlands.

Main Page

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