All The King's Men

Chapter 2: A New Hope

Having waited for hours you finally encounter Beltram. His manservant is with him and all in the large tavern seem to respect the presence of this woolbearded man. After some banter with Beltram you learn that he indeed has a job for you: find the missing Jarlastey Caravan trains. Jarlastey has been trafficking goods between Suzail and Arabel, but within the last month, all of his secured wagon trains have disappeared. Each train was guarded by 8 highly trained warriors. Beltram reveals little else about the caravans but gives you 100 pieces of gold up front, with the promise of 200 pieces of gold upon completion of the quest.

As it turns out, a small man, or rather, a Halfling, listened in on your conversation. Fentel “The Tradesmaker” he dubs himself, as he crowds your table, spinning and throwing an electrum coin all the while. He offers you information in exchange for some loot from the Caravans. But, he is not the only one with information. The eldest of the barmaids, a fiery haired woman in her mid-thirties, offer a tryst and information in exchange for gold. You settle for the information. Through these sources you learn that the best place to hire freeswords is at the Wharf. You also learn that the caravans carried significant amounts of gold, and that they were guarded by the Zhentarim, A legendary organization whose members supposedly disappeared during the Spellplague. You also learn that the caravans carried something else than gold, some blackish metal. Fentel wants you to collect this metal for him.

You leave Hollerim’s Tap with renewed purpose and head to the wharfs, only to find that Oren Meusell is only hiring for ships, he has no mercenaries for hire. Instead he directs you to Buran the Horsetrader, who also houses the Warriors Guild. At the Guild you find that you need a signet ring in order to enter. As none of you are members of the Warriors Guild, you find yourself at a loss, but only until a large man clad in the garb of a Warpriest of Tyr comes to you. He introduces himself as Tarken Van Sell and offers to join your party.

Chapter 1: Harvest Fest
The Adventure Begins...

Immersea is rife with joyous people, as Harvest Fest remains the last great celebration before the dawn of winter. The Wyvernwater will soon freeze and once again the wicked Sembians will try use the darkness of winter to wreak havoc in the town. But for now, Immersea has shaken off its vigilance and even the grim city-guardsmen wear a rare smile. Starwater Circle, The Windwall Harbor, Fishermans Wharf, Donton Alley and even the Poor district is filled with colored lights, bound bushels of winter rye and all manner of odd wood carvings. Musicians and Artist entertain in the streets and all the taverns are filled to the brim with drunken and merry patrons. The Harvest fest in Immersea may not be as grand is in Suzail, as rowdy as in Arabel or as extravagant as in Marsember, but it has its own quaint beauty.

As the night falls, you find yourself at Hollerims Tap, a large tavern and eatery not far from Buran the Horsetrader, on the corner of Kingly Road and Donton Alley. Hollerim’s is filled with all manner of people: traders, clergymen, mercenaries, wanderers, smugglers, thieves and whores. The place is blessedly free of guardsmen, as the owner gets leeway for his former occupation as a Purple Dragon Knight. Your table is one of many in the crowded taproom and you’re seated close to hear each other over the hollering and bawdy music. The two fireplaces does little to warm the large tavern, but the mass of people make is positively sweltering inside. Your serving of ale, bread and cheese is slowly going stale as you wait for your appointment. He is a reknowned hiresword named Beltram Barrisom, who everyone calls “Woolsbeard” (though not to his face) for a very obvious reason. He has requested to meet you here with a business proposition, or as he calls it: “a very profitable business proposition”. You only know Beltram by reputation, and it isn’t all good. What he is known for however, is the wealth of coin at the end of his business. You’ve waited for almost three hours, ears filled with roaring laughter and the yells of a drunken crowd, when Beltram finally makes his entrance…

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